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Sign up today! Jason and I have decided to transform that site in something the is more like us. So the site now is all about information for weight loss, Fitness help and reviews! How cool is that!? we want to interact more wi...


Meal Plan E-book


12 week challenge

As most of you know by now Jason and I recently completed our first 12 week body transformations. The hardest part about the whole thing was we spent a tremendous amount of time and effort finding the best ways to accomplish ou...


Raw Mexican Fiesta

Ingredients Raw Plantain Tortilla Wraps: 12–14 small plan­tains. I’ve been using the shorter plan­tains that are about 5–6 inches in length, so if you are about to make this recipe with the long plan­tains, take this i...

Green Juice

Ingredients 1/5 bunch celery 1 apple 1 bunch kale 1 large cucumber   How to Prepare Run all ingredients through your juicer and drink up!  

Fat Los fator program