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How can I change my Mindset about food?

Posted August 27, 2013 by Fabi in Blog

Health eating is a lifestyle

When you start thinking about nutrition, definitely you think about of what you drink and eat. That’s really important even more important is what is happening inside of you. Changes always happen first in your thoughts, emotions and actions. Those 3 Points have to be united for a change to take place in your life.  

I am sharing 3 points to help you to develop a new mindset about food

  1. Find Pleasure in Fresh food, be aware of the natural state of vegetable and fruits that will bring you joy when you consume health food and not processed foods. If you prioritize process foods you will surely find it difficult to avoid foods that are not good for you.
  2. Eating for Fuel; judge the food that you will eat on how good you feel hours after eating it. Food that provides your body with energy and a lucid mind is healthier than food that makes you feel weary. One good example is to eat an orange, where you will not get instant results, but you will feel happy and energized for the following hours.
  3. Eating for Health; you have to bear in mind that you are what you eat. On a yearly basis, your cells replace themselves. It is best to eat healthy foods so that you will gain a healthier and fit body.

A simple change along with the right mind set can work wonders for your body as well as making your healthy and fit at the same time.


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