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12 Week Fast Weight Loss Program

Lose up to 40 Ibs Fast!

Lose body fat fast and transform your body with this complete training package.

  • Most Complete Program Anywhere – Everything you need and more. Just look below for details.
  • Personalized Plans – Custom to your body, your needs, and your wants.
  • Trainer Access – Stay connected and directed by a weight loss expert
  • Guaranteed Results – Lose weight or your money back!

Limited Number of Spots Available for Online Clients!






Program Details

Do you want to Lose Weight, Drop Body Fat, Transform your Body, or Improve your Health? Well, this program allows you to do all of those and more. Focused on producing real lasting fat loss this program is more than just a “weight loss program”. It’s a Total Body Transformation Program that will help you drop body fat quickly while improving your health. You will look better and feel better while you create a new you.

Program Includes:

Mindset Coaching

MINDExclusive only our training programs our mindset coaching is a revolutionary way to help you get the results you want faster and easier then ever before. We will coach you every step to help you achieve your goals. Giving you critical knowledge, helping you overcome mindset obstacles, and helping you develop a mindset of success. You will receive personalized weekly emails with our mindset coaching techniques as well as daily motivational emails throughout your entire program. Normally weight loss coaching programs, similar but not nearly effective as our Mindset Coaching”, cost around $250 per month. However, we include our Mindset Coaching within all our training programs. (Valued at over $750)

Personalized Meal Plan

Meal PlanCreated with professional nutritional software and based off of registered dietitian meal plans. We create for you a personalized meal plan targeted to achieving your goals along your time frame. Our Meal Plans are easy to follow, prepare, and taste great. Our meal plans include 7 different daily options, shopping list, recipes and our exclusive Recipe Book. Unlike most Personal Trainers who never study nutrition and only base their knowledge off of popular beliefs from society, magazines, and other trainers. We prepare for you a nutrition plan that not only gives you fast results but increases your health and protects you from harmful nutrition errors that are so common in the fitness industry today. (Valued at $169)


Exercise PlanPersonalized Exercise Plan

Our exercise plans are created specific to your body, your likes, and your goals. We design every plan with “efficiency” in mind so every moment spent exercising will provide the most results for your time and goal. It’s easy to spend hours, day, months, even years wasted working out if you don’t know what your doing or don’t do exercises specific to your goals. However, with our training program we guide you every step of the way to ensure your on the right track. We provide you with professional knowledge, answer questions, track your progress, review your training program “weekly”, and give you all the tools needed to achieve your goals quickly. (Valued at $139)

Exclusive Guides

healthy eating guideEasy to printout and follow guides are included with all of our training programs. Don’t worry about what to do or how to do it. We try to make everything as easy as possible for you so all you need to do is focus your efforts on following our training program. (Valued at over $100)




Forum Support

Your not alone in your weight loss journey and we are sure you will have many questions and thoughts along the way. We provide our clients with “Members Only Access” to our Facebook Online Forum where you can see frequently asked questions, follow discussion on all topics related to weight loss, share your thoughts and feelings in safe environment, and chat with your trainers. (Valued at $30/mo)


Email Support

edit_female_userOur online training programs keep you connected with our Body and Health Coaches throughout your entire program. From week 1 to 12 you will receive weekly emails from your trainer following up on your progress and activities, answering questions, giving you direction, and adjusting your plans to ensure your successful every step of the way. (Valued at $60/mo)



Optional Phone/Skype Support

Need extra guidance, motivation, or information. We also offer optional phone and skype support plans that gives your more access to your trainer. Please contact us if you would like to know more information on these plans.


How Much Does it Cost


12 Week Program Retail Prices:

  • Coaching – $750
  • Meal Plan – $169
  • Exercise Plan – $139
  • Guides – $100+
  • Forum 3/mo – $90
  • Email Support 3/mo – $180

Total Retail Value = $1428





You Pay Only – $395

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star_fullHow to Get Started

Simply select your program and pay for it securely through our online shopping cart. You will then receive a welcome email with a questionnaire for your meal / exercise plan and our starting guides. You will need to return the questionnaire back to us with before pictures. Just follow the easy steps in the email and you should have no problem.


targetWhy Does it Work

They work because they are based on science and not popular beliefs in magazines, society, and commercials. We are Body and Health experts and we studied more then just personal training. We focus on a complete Body and Health transformation through accurate nutrition knowledge and proven weight loss exercises.


walletMoney Back Guarantee

We guarantee that all our programs will produce results if you follow them. We stand behind all our training programs because we know they work, but by law we cannot guarantee any specific results. However, it is your responsibility to stick to the program and actually do the activities. Stay committed and stay consistent and you will succeed.

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